Friday, July 31, 2009

Escaping the Heat

To espape the heat my parents and I and the kids went to Silver Lake near Everett. It was so much fun and we played in the water mostly since even in the shade it was too hot. It was super crowded but I didn't care. I cooled off. We also had a nice bbq with these cool "instant grills" from Safeway which are really cheap, they are small and you can take with your anywhere and light up and grill on them. We did some hot dogs and chicken so nothing too big but it worked. I will try to see if my parents have any pictures. That evening thanks to Shane's cousin, Sarah we found our peace and were able to sleep there for the past two nights. Our house got so hot this past week (Seattle broke a record for hot temperature) and a few nights in a row I couldn't sleep nor could the kids very well. Sarah invited us to her nice air conditioned house and I really was excited for the offer. We had a lot of fun. Dacian played with her cute kids and Lavinia napped a lot which she hadn't been able to do at our house. I stayed up late talking to her and her husband and ate amazing chocolate. Thank you guys from saving us from the heat. Our bedrooms were 100 degrees F. Poor Shane stayed home though because they were a little too far from his work and he takes the bus to work.
Thankfully today was beautiful and temperature perfect (75).

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It's late and I can't sleep since it's sooooooooo hot at our house so I am playing with my blog. I went to "the cutest blog on the block" and I changed my background but I thought it would change it all but it left the middle the same as last time. How can I make it look cute? Thanks for all those who can help me out.

Summer fun

My best friend, Holly

Dacian and Holly's son Berrett


More Yellowstone

Old Faithful

Bison right next to our car

View of the Grand Tetons

Dacian and his cousin Merayla
Bryce Canyon

Well, this summer has been an adventure much like the last one only this time I wasn't seeing America pregnant and with a two year old but with Shane and the kids.
I can't say it was in the least bit relaxing but I knew it wouldn't be from the get go. I might not have relaxing vacations for many years to come but I will have fun nevertheless. Our first stop of our road trip was Lava Hot Springs in ID and it was a ton of fun. We camped overnight and then we headed to UT where we spent time with my brother, sister in law and cousin. It was fun and we also liked lighting our own fireworks in a church parking lot and also seeing the cool ones from Stadium of Fire. We then headed to Bryce National Canyon. I had abeen wanting to see that one for a while now and my wish was granted. It was beautiful but sadly Dacian had a little fever and refused to do the hike so Shane stayed behind while I hiked the canyon with Lavinia. She was good and slept most of the time in the baby backpack. It was however super hot and I was relieved when I finished the hike.
The next four days were spent in Las Vegas. Not my favorite city on earth but it was fun and we did enjoy plenty of time at the hotel pool. Dacian was in heaven here. I did manage to go to a show, also by myself because we couldn't find any babysitters. Shane has seen Cirque du Soleil and he said I should go anyway. It was a show with Criss Angel and some performers of Cirque du Soleil. It was so fun.
San Diego was our next destination and we were so glad and fortunate to stay with Susan and her family who lived near the beach. We went to Seaworld one of the days and the next we spend by the beach. I just love the ocean and being there made me wish I could have been there all along. The next day Shane had to fly back to work so we headed to our LA hotel. We went to Venice beach and Santa Monica. It was also so much fun.
Boy, am I making up my not writing for 7 months by doing this long post? It keeps going so please keep reading.
After we said good bye to daddy (My son was very confused and sad when we dropped Shane at the airport. He cried and cried that he had lost his daddy) we went to Bakersfield to see my best friend from college. She was there with her kiddos visiting her family. They are the nicest people and it was so good to see them again. Also seeing Holly was so fun and it seemed like no time had passed at all but then we looked at our children and knew that wasn't so. Her children are adorable and so well behaved. I wish I could say that about mine but at least on this trip that wasn't the case. Dacian was a major pain and Lavinia... well she is a very attached to mommy 8 month old. Anyway just being there and hanging out with Holly was the best. We hadn't seen each other since college so it was quite a treat.
After my time in Bakersfield I proceeded to go to Utah where I met up with my parents who were there to visit my brother and his family. We stopped in Vegas for the night and the next day we went to UT. I was only there for two days and I still don't feel like I got to really hang out with my brother but hey it's better than nothing. Dacian got along really well with his daughter and they played and shared and danced together.
And to make our trip complete to stopped at Yellowstone again this summer to show my mom the park who had never been there before. I was excited to see a new part of the park and show her this beautiful and strange land. We saw a lot of bisons and elk but no bears. Also Jackson WY and Grand Teton Park is out of this world gorgeaus. We want to go there next summer and maybe do some river rafting. I was so jealous of the people that were doing that. It looked like a lot of fun.
On the way back my sister in law's mother hosted us in Spokane so the trip wouldn't be so long and tiring and we had fun visiting with her too. Now I am almost back to normal in Kirkland. The weather is super hot and our house without air conditioning is unbearable. I don't know where to go to so I can get away. Dacian was up much of the night crying and asking for water. Tomorrow is supposed to be 100F. I think I'll go to the lake with he kids but I am afraid all of Kirkland will be there also. Oh well, I'll figure something out. For now so long.
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