Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just because...

I miss my Dacian little. He really is huge now and I just miss that little boy so much sometimes. I need to look at pictures from time to time to remind myself that he was once that little. Don't you tend to forget their sweet faces once you get used to how they look now? 

I love this picture of his grandpa with him. I miss him so much and I am so sad Dacian doesn't get to know him. 

First food. I can't believe that round chubby face. 
Uncle Chris. I love this picture. 
Fun hat!
First Halloween!
Daddy's little buddy
First day at home. Medea, his first sister. :)
Then came Tommy all the way over form Romania to act as his pillow. This dog is golden seriously. He put up with a lot and loves my kids. And he doesn't shed. Gotta love that for an indoor dog. Hypoallergenic. Score!
The day I became an American! 

 Testing out the toy at Walmart

 My little Santa.

Blessing day. How cute is this boy? 
Love him with all my heart.

So this was random. I would love it if my friends started posting pics of their kids. I am sure not all of us were blogging necessarily when they were little so I didn't get to see pictures of your cute kids. Anyway, just an idea.
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