Sunday, January 15, 2012

First snow of the year

Yes, I LOVE the snow, especially the first snow of the season. Everything is so pretty in white. It snowed a little yesterday but a TON today. Lavinia and I were sick and skipped churchbut it ended up being canceled anyway after Sacrament. Later on though I got us all dressed really well and we headed out. We went sledding, and then came back home to build a fort and then made an enormous snow ball. It was a fun day. Food tasted so good after the work out outside. It's supposed to snow more in the next few days as well. And good thing we have tomorrow off. What a blessing! I love three day weekends.

I want to go skiing so badly but that is just so pricey. I also want my kids to take lessons to ski but maybe I will when they are a little bit older. I learned from my parents. I never took lessons so I am not a pro and my style isn't amazing or anything but I LOVE it nonetheless. I can't imagine life without mountains and snow.

Friday Snow- Little snowman
The next day-Future snowman-Look at the size!

Going sledding


Fort Building

The end result

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A new year

I am tired at looking at the Merry Christmas post so I guess it's time for another one. I have been in great spirits lately. I guess I love getting caught up with life. I love a new year starting out with hope and possible change and more hope. I am realizing more and more that not procrastinating is key to my happiness. And that's a bad habit of mine that is hard to break. I always blame it on tiredness. So to be less tired I am trying to get to bed at an earlier time. Maybe the simplest of things (simple not necessarily always easy to do) will be the ones to give me success.

I keep thinking I need to post the Christmas pictures but I just feel no desire to do it. We'll see if I get to it.

For now I have been taking it easy in the evenings, I have been playing more with the family and just in general my attitude on life is much better. I have been reading a new blog (a photography blog of all things) of this lady who so positive and genuine and that has been giving me more optimism. Without bragging or lecturing (the things that annoy me the most in some blogs) this lady is so inspiring and kind.  I might even take her photography classes some day. They are all online.

And speaking of photography I realize I never showed you the photos that our sweet photographer took. I LOVE them. I am printing them and framing them. They make me happy. Here's Lindsay's blog as well.

So Happy New Year to everyone. I hope it will bring you all lots of joy, health and happiness.
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