Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby come out!!!

OK, I am so ready to have this baby. I am big enough that at 38 weeks I probably have an 8 pounder in there. I am even embarrased to post pictures of myself. Not that I gained that much weight but the baby sure did. Anyway, everyone please pray for me that this baby comes soon and also advice on getting him or her here soon would be appreciated.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

At the Zoo

The weekend Logan was in town we got to go to the Zoo. As you can see the cow is a hit. He would be such a good farmer. He loves animals and can't get enough of them. Also here he is as a little turtle. I just love this little boy. He always says he loves me too, plus he called me a "sweetie pie" the other day. It's so much fun to have him talking. I am getting a little sad for him to not be the only one anymore. I never thought I would feel that way and the purpose of number two was to have a friend for him but in a way I am a little sad he will most likely have a rough time and not feel like number 1 anymore.


Here's all the Sanders' cousins. These guys are the cutest kids and soon they will grow a little older and will really get to play with each other.
Here they all are after our party for Logan (in red shirt) at our house. We had so much fun; the food was great and we got to play fun games. Dacian even got to blow the candles after Logan. Happy second b-day Logan. From left to right, Lily, Dacian, Alexis and Logan.
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