Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday fun

Well, Santa did come. Dacian got a chance to see his favorite Santa at our church celebration. I have to crop the other picture with the two kids but it's hilarious. We handed Lavinia over to Santa and she started screaming. Santa laughed so hard and I got it on camera.
We had a great Christmas eve with my parents and we opened presents from them to us and from us to them. It was so fun to see my mom get her long wished for jewelry box. Dinner was great, simple but good. I had fun setting the table and I do like any chance I get to use my china mom gave me for our wedding. It's a special set because it's very old, German and given to our family from mom's aunt.
Dacian couldn't wait for the next day though. We made cookies and left Santa two cookies on a plate and milk.
The next morning both kids slept late which was nice and only because they went to bed super late the night before.

Love, love our tree and mostly that it smells so great. I love waking up and coming downstairs to smell the nice pine tree smell.
The table decoration this year was this German candle holder. I couldn't believe it when this lady from my work gave it to me. It's quiet an expensive gift but she was getting rid of a lot of stuff and gave this one to me. Anyway, I'm excited about it.

Dacian loved his car set we gave him. It has a big ramp and he now plays with it constantly. He got lots of other presents and we thank the grandparents, family and friends for all of them.
Lavinia got this cute baby doll and a little stroller for it and even though she plays with Dacian's car a lot she does like this doll and kisses it a lot and puts in in the stroller and goes around the table. Also she sits herself in that little stroller. She is so little and fits right in. So cute!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! This would've been the picture we would have sent as a Christmas card had I gotten my stuff in order in time. I will still send some cards late. It was no easy task taking this picture and I wish it looked better but it will have to do.
We hope you all are having a wonderful time with family and/or friends.
Love, The Sanders

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ugh oh!

After Dacian and I got back from the hair salon I saw that there was a big light in Lavinia's room. I asked Shane if he went in there to play with her and he said no. I quietly went in and this is what I saw. She climbed/fell out of bed, played I am sure, turned on the little light I have down on a small chair and then... well, a box will do for going to bed, right? I am so glad she didn't get hurt.
The box was there more as a garbage can which I was just about to throw away. I had some little papers in it and a slightly wet diaper. I found all of this stuff outside of the box. At least she cleaned her bed before going in it. :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Birthday party, early Thanksgiving and Whistler

Well, I'm not one to post something about an event that took place a while back but I guess I'll make an exception.
I wanted to share with everyone my cute Lavinia who recently had a party for her birthday. We celebrated late so that extended family could be there. Unfortunately some members still didn't make it but we celebrated an early Thanksgiving later that evening so we saw everyone then. It was great to be with family again. It was also nice that everyone made a dish and cooking didn't overwhelm any one of us.
I was pretty stressed out that day as I had to decorate for the party and finish all the food. Mom was finishing up the cake, dad was working and Shane was left in charge or washing and dressing the kids so that left me all by myself scurrying to finish everything in time. I didn't get my balloons like I had planned and my game wasn't played until later that evening but all in all it was good. Also I could breath some after it was over.
The following week I got the chance to go to Whistler with my family and my cousin who was visiting from New York. We were so lucky that my enhanced driver's license came right in time. I don't have a passport anymore so I just got this ID which was cheaper and with it I can go to Canada or Mexico. It was also great that my cousin paid for the hotel for which I am so grateful. She is such a sweet girl. We had one of those nice hotels right next to the gondola. We got there Saturday morning and after I got a babysitter for Lavinia (first time ever and she did great, slept most of the time :)) we went up skiing. I couldn't get enough of it. The snow was great and the resort is HUGE. I guess it's the biggest in North America plus we skied where the Olympics will take place. Double cool. The weather was OK, it snowed pretty much all day and got pretty windy at the end of the day. There were so many runs we would've needed a whole week to ski both mountains. Also dad got to ski first time in US and loved it and had a great time. After skiing Shane made raclette for all of us in our hotel room that had a kitchen and we were all in heaven. Then to the pool with us. What can I say, I get excited just thinking about how great a time we had but also sad it's done and over with.
Anyway, this is what we've been up to. Now if only I can get my list done in time for Christmas. Like I said before so much to do, so little time. I am sure I am among many who feel this way.
Pictures coming soon.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Exhausted and overwhelmed

I've been so busy lately. The birthday party and the early Thanksgiving, starting in October my life becomes too overwhelming. In October I have my dad and my husband's birthdays, come November I turn 30 and my baby turns 1, so a big deal, mostly big deal my daughter turns 1. Then Thanksgiving only a week or so away. December more chaos. What everybody looks forward to and loves, Christmas, is no longer such a joy to me. I need a vacation, I need to go away, I need a break. I hate how I have all the wishes in the world to buy the perfect gifts for everyone, to mail cards, to have a fun party with good food but all I feel is like I am running out of time.
I do think this year is going to be just our family for Christmas. I look forward to having time off in just a few weeks. Who knows maybe I will even get my good mood back. That would be nice.
And now that I've complained I feel better.


On Monday I got terrible news that a friend, this lady I used to work with died in a car accident along with her husband and another couple who was in the car.
I just can't get it out of my head that she is gone. Sadly they were killed because of a drunk driver. Of course the driver walked away only with minor scratches. Four innocent people died because a young kid went behind the wheel after 8 drinks. He even walked away from the scene after the accident but apparently someone saw what happened and convinced him to go back. How is it that so often the bad guys survive and good people die?
Hilda was just such a fun woman, always full of life, very giving. We went to lunch many times. She threw a party for me when I changed jobs. She gave Dacian this monkey that he sleeps with. I always thought of her when I saw this toy and now I will always think of her when I will see it.
She also made the best salsa. She loved her family and her cute granddaughters. I feel so sad for them. Their kids lost both parents just like that. I didn't need this reminder again that life is so fragile. It was also a reminder of how we suddenly lost my father in law two years ago. Incidents like this left me a little scarred if you may; I think of death a lot. Or more likely I fear death a lot or fear my family being taking away from me. I can only pray that won't happen of course but I also try to enjoy those dear to me in the here and now.
May she rest in peace and I pray for her family in this hard time in their lives.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lavinia is 1! Happy Birthday!

My sweet little baby,Lavinia Ariel Sanders aka Stinky, Chewbacca, Lav, Lavi is 1 today.

I tried to post important pictures from every month of her life. We celebrated her every month with a cake. For some reason I can't find the number 8 cake. Number 7 is in my parents' pics so I have to get those and I hope they have number 8 as well.
Lavinia has been an excellent baby pretty much from the get go. She wasn't very fussy as a newborn, slept a lot, never spit up which (I thought was weird) and was very easy going. Around 3 months she started being chatty. At that point she was sleeping thru the night. She slept like that until she outgrew her bassinet and we brought her in bed with us. After that she started waking up to nurse more. Fine with me. I mean I wished I could sleep like before but it wasn't such an annoyance. We cuddled and that was fun. When my parents moved out in July their room became hers. I got it all painted and girly and moved the crib in there. From the first night I put her in there (7mo) she slept through the night. I was amazed as I was prepared for some major drama but thankfully I didn't have to worry about her. She took and still takes naps in her car seat. She loves that thing for naps and is still so little that I think she will be in there until 2.

She crawled really early; earlier than Dacian at 5 1/2 months and was walking right on her 10th month. She is not as easy going now as she has a velociraptor (sp) scream. Both my kids I guess are screamers. I don't know what to do but I know it gets better as they start talking.
She can by theway say quite a few words and knows the sounds of many, many animals if you ask her. Her favorite is the lion. She has the cutest roar.
She is normal for height (40%) but underweight (no longer on the charts) . She has never been a good nurser. She ate in a whopping 5 minutes and then was done. I tried to force more down her throat but she let me know in no uncertain terms she was done.
We are very happy to have her in our lives. Dacian loves her to pieces even though he gets upset when she so carelessly bulldozes over his toys.
We love you baby and wish that you will grow strong, faithful, nice, happy and healthy. May the Lord protect you and care for you always.
Love, Mom and Dad
P.S Her b-day party will follow next weekend so I will post more pictures of our fun.

at the pumpkin patch

11 months ( I love this sweater given by the bishop's wife at her shower)

First food (rice cereal-4 mo.)
One of my family's favorite cakes-seriously delicious)

3 months
2 months

The doll might even be bigger than her
Blessing day
One month
Sweet siblings. Dacian seems pleased as punch and look at how attentively Lavinia is looking at her brother.

An attempt at cool pictures. I wish I took these pics at a few days old not 3 weeks old. I really wanted to get the cool sleeping newborn look but she insisted on being awake for the photo shoot. I tried... The only time in her life she was chubby. She was born at 8lbs.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yesterday was my big day, my leave your twenties behind day. Hmm... I don't feel any different than before of course. If I am to reflect on my twenties I would say a lot was acomplised. I have a wonderful husband, two cute kids, a house, we are healthy, I like my job even though I would prefer to stay home with my children. I hope my thirties will bring health and hapiness and that we will be able to go over any trial that may come our way. Trials we had plenty but if anything they made us stronger.
Shane was such a sweetie and decided to spoil me rotten yesterday. He got me a laptop notebook that I had wished for a long time ago. I am so excited to be able to do all my chats, FB, blogs, look up recipes right in my kitchen. ( no more printing stuff)
Aside from this fabulous computer he made the best fondue dinner. My parents were invited and we had a great time together. We had been rather sick so I stayed home from church and tried to get better. Lavinia had thrown up the night before, Dacian was also sick so we kept the celebration to close family only. We started with cheese fondue, then meat fondue in coq au vin and then chocolate fondue. The other surprise was this fabulous cake from Hoffman's, a great neighborhood bakery. They surely make the best of cakes. Shane took Dacian there to choose a cake and Dacian chose this martizpan cake called the Princess cake. I guess he chose their best selling cake. Doesn't it look pretty? On top of being pretty it is hard to describe how delicious it was. Dacian was so sweet. He sang Happy Birthday to me all day. He had us all wear these birthday hats leftover from his b-day party. He insisted we all put them on and he called them the Pricess Hats even though they looked nothing like a princesy hat. I guess he got into the whole princess thing because of the cake and mommy. It was sweet!
I had the best birthday and I really have to thank Shane for it. He made it really special for me. Thank you honey!

Just today I got the cutest gift from one of my best friends. It is beautiful and I thank you for it Holly. I can't wait to post pictures. Mission accomplished. :)

Also I got a call from my uncle from France and from my brother and other friends and family members, cards, calls, FB wishes, a fabulous sweater from my parents.
Now on to Lavinia's birthday tomorrow. Last year on Monday I went into labor with her at 7:30am as I was going down the steps to go to work. The contractions started fast and furious all 2 minutes apart from the get go. I having been induced with Dacian didn't really know what to expect and didn't know if this was real labor, if it would start and stop. I waited about an hour and when I saw that the contractions were not slowing down or stopping we headed to the hospital. I was a 5cm when I went it. Man was that painful. The baby would have been born at noon since I was at a 10 cm then but the baby didn't drop and I had to to see if my water would break on its own. It didn't. The midwife called the doctor and they broke the water. They were afaid the cord would strangle the baby if the water gushed too quickly and she was still so high up. I remember being so scared of the C-section they threatened me with. Thankfully after they broke the water the baby dropped right away and I was able to have her no problem. I am so thankful that I was at the hospital cared by good doctors. For some reason both of my births were not so normal so it was a blessing I was there.
Anyway, enough rambling. Pictures coming soon and a second post dedicated to my Lav, Lavi, Lavinia, my sweet little girl.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Last Year's Trick or Treating

I failed to post this last year but I really wanted to share. Too bad the sound is not the best. You might have to turn up your volume. This is Dacian last year, first year of real trick or treating. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween fun

Halloween was fun or as fun as can be while trick or treating in the rain. Thankfully it didn't pour. Dacian had the best time of his life and Lavinia was a very cute ladybug who tagged along for the fun. Mom and I made her costume and I love how cute she looks in it. She is so tiny. Dacian also wore his jedi costume the day before for trunk and treat and we made that last year. The policeman costume came from Uncle Scott and Aunt Candice. (He was so happy to wear that)
For work the office ladies and our principal were pirates. It was fun to dress up.
Poor Shane was super sick and didn't get to join us at all. He was sad I didn't video tape the kids trick or treating but I simply forgot.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kids say the funniest things

I kept debating whethere or not to post about this. I think it's too funny not to so here I go.
One day on TV there was a cartoon that showed a skeleton (I'm sure something to do with Halloween). Dacian asked me what that was.
I said: " A skelleton. It's made of bones. We all have bones in our bodies. Look: your knees, ankles, those are bones." I showed him that we have bones all throughout our bodies. He seemed surprised of this new finind but proceeded to go play with his toys.
The next day, just out of the blue after he went potty he comes to me patties off and says looking down at IT:
"Does my pipi have a bone in it?"
I just about died laughing. He was so cute, his little face with pure curiosity and wonderment. This was no joke to him. He must've been impressed by the concept of bones and the kid needed to know. He also of course didn't understand why I was laughing. I love this age. It 's fun to see what and how they process things.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First time in preschool

My sweet little boy, Dacian started preschool this week. What an exciting time for him this has been. He waited for a long time to start preschool, probably thinking I am lying to him because he kept asking everyday if this was going to be the day. I had to say not today, soon... next week, in just a few days, etc. I can only imagine how hard it would be to not be able to understand what it means, "a week, etc" and just have to wait and wonder if today was gonna be the day.
Monday he finally had his dream come true. He is such a social little boy and loves to make friends and play with toys and learn. The preschool I put him in is a program hosted at a highschool right close to our house and seniors get to participate and interact and supervise the kids. They are doing this as part of a class and after they finish being with the kids (supervised by a teacher) they go to class and discuss everything they are learning about the behavior of kids. I think it's probably child pshychology. They are there for only two and a half hours and only three days a week. The price is super cheap and they said their main goal is to get them ready for kindergarten, they will learn the basics, abc's, numbers, but also will practice their manners, listening skills and sharing. I am excited he will be around kids more. Being with my parents is great but he is mostly around them and that's that. Of course they go to parks all the time but it's just not the same. And Lavinia is still too little to be his play buddy.
Anyway, we had to drop him off right at the curb where a highschool kid comes and picks them up. They even take them out of the carseat for you and buckle them back in when you pick them up.
He didn't even look back or said good bye to me. I, like any other mom sending their first kid away from home for the first time, was pretty emotional. I mean, this felt like IT. Time flies and he will soon start kindergarten and so on and soon I will have big kids. I sure am not ready for that. I just love litte ones with all the challenges that brings, tantrums and all I adore their innocence and their cuteness. I fear for the day when that will be gone. I am pretty sure I am done having kids so I am clinging to my kids, I am drinking them all up. I try to enjoy and play with them and make sure I am memorizing their cuteness. I did notice that memorizing their every stage isn't going so well so I decided to be better and record more of their day to day life.
Anyway, I am ramling now but oh well, it's 11 at night and I can't sleep. It's nice to have a moment to myself once in a while even if that means being so tired tomorrow at work.
And now here are a few cute pictures.
Look how much bigger Dacian is. He sure love that little sister. She is a total midget, she weighs only 15 lbs at 10 months.

Bye mom and dad, preschool here I come.

On they way to preschool.

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