Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So excited

Tonight I went to my first parenting class ever. A very smart and wonderful lady is offering this class for cheap for parents and staff and I think others who may be interested at my school for 5 weeks in the evening. She is teaching from the Love and Logic curriculum.
I am so exited to be able to learn techniques on how to be a better parent and guess what the first lesson was? How to stop the whining and arguing. Aren't I lucky for that to be my first lesson. I have been wanting help on this for waaaaaaay too long.
 I am so exited to give this a try. Tonight was a great night with Dacian though so I have nothing to report. I really thought I could practice right away though. :) I am sure I will tomorrow.  I wish Shane and my parents could also attend just so we can all be on the same page. Wouldn't that be wonderful. I don't think I am going to get my wish though. :(
I will report back with results, good ones I hope.
Ta ta!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Too Tired

It seems like every time school starts back up (meaning I go back to work) I am too tired to blog. I have so much to catch up on but I just don't feel like putting in the time to add photos and write up stories. I may do a whole post later on this topic, blogs and what not. To be honest when I get in  blogging funk I contemplate just not blogging anymore. I guess that is why I should just write even a little bit or else it's too hard to start back up.

Dacian started his new preschool which he loves. His bus comes way early so he's been rather grumpy lately adjusting to his new schedule. He can finally go to bed earlier. Summer throws our schedule off with the longer days of which we take full advantage by going to the park, swimming late, etc. I think soon he should get used to this schedule. I think I need to start up the bed routine even earlier as before preschool he loved reading books with me and saying his prayer and now he just says he is sooooo tired and just wants to sleep.

Lavinia gets cuter everyday. She is able to say lots and lots of words and little sentences now but does not speak Romanian as much as Dacian did at that age. She now hears Dacian speak English all day long and imitates what he says. I noticed how Dacian is more and more comfortable with English and I have to make him speak Romanian. I  tell him if he wants to go to Romania with me he has to speak it or else no one there will be able to talk to him.   It seems to do the trick for now. I completely understand though why it's hard. I will stick to my guns though. I can't imagine throwing away a good thing like that. :)
 It's always been so important for me that he can speak my language. Sure, it helped having my parents take care of him day in and day out since that's all they spoke with him. But since preschool and tv time and computer time and church and all his friends who speak English it's a little hard to make it appealing to continue to speak another language.

But away from my tangent and back to Lavinia. She's so fun and so cuddly. She just allows me to love her and she's so sweet giving us kisses and hugs. She's a naughty girl too at times. She loves to play with cars and trains but also loves to look pretty and always twirls and twirls as we put on her Sunday dress and shows off any hair pretties or jewelry she's got. So I guess she is girly but also a little bit of a tom boy. She's a climber and super fast. She likes to go outside with us and go pick blackberries and hold Tommy's leash. She is also an awesome whiner but I think most of it comes from wanting to express herself and not really being able to. I am so much more calm with her and I know what stages she's at and that they will all pass too. Oh, almost forgot, she's super afraid of bugs (not sure why, maybe she got stung once since she calls all bugs bees and when she sees one she screams and comes to cling to my legs.
She does NOT like nursery. She could care less if we walked the halls or go to RS at church. Again, don't know why she hates it so much there. I tend to think the older kids pushed her or something since most kids there are 3 and older. She is one of the two little ones in there.
Anyway, I hope this stage too shall pass and I will again be able to go our meetings without her.
All in all having kids is the best thing ever. I have been enjoying them, really treasuring their littleness, enjoying the funny things Dacian says, his sweet love for us and also my little Lavi who adores her brother.
I could go on and on about my kids and all the fun things we've been doing but I have to go put Dacian to bed and this post is getting lengthy. How did this happen? I thought I couldn't come up with anything.
Also I might just fall asleep putting Dacian to bed. I am that TIRED.
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