Monday, November 22, 2010

Lavi, our princess

Ha! Lavinia is so funny. She now wants to wear a million outfits a day. She calls herself princess or ballerina and prefers pink. What happened to my girl who liked cars and trucks only and no dolls. Hmmm, apparently a girl will mostly be a girl no matter if she has a brother for a sibling or not. It's cute how serious she is about things and how much she is a typical 2 year old. She just wants the world to work for her. Right now I left her crying in her room after not giving in to changing her yet again. She has since stopped crying but keeps coming out saying: Bad baby, bad baby, and you guessed right, that baby is her mom in her opinion.
I had no idea clothes are that important this early on since with my son that was NEVER a problem. He never even cared what he wore, I didn't have to make him choose from two outfits let's say. Super easy going in that respect. I think I am in for trouble.
Otherwise what else is new? Hmmm, I am still sick. I got sick on my birthday (the yucky, most miserable flu that kept me in bed all day for two days) and now I just got back from the doctors and found out that I have bronchitis and was put on antibiotics. I can't wait until they kick in because I am in pain from all this coughing. I feel terrible having to come to work to infect everyone but there were no subs available today. Plus it snowed and it's always a big deal in Seattle when that happens, schools may be late or closed all together and our fear was they might close the school day at noon or later and I wouldn't be there to help my co worker through it all. Now we are all thinking they might have to close the schools tomorrow since it's really quite dumping out and it's sticking and it's supposed to snow all night long. The problem in Seattle is that we are not super equipped for bad weather (since it's a once a year event most years) and the city is so super hilly and then you have these icy roads with drivers sliding all over the place. Anyway, I love the snow as long as I am home to play in it (or skiing in the mountains) and not have to drive and worry if I might get hit any second by another driver.
So here's to hoping I stay home tomorrow and mostly, mostly just to start getting better. These kids are super wearing me out and they have all this energy that of course only drains mine and I don't have much left in me.
Also with it being cold they are not so excited to go out for a long time and instead have cabin fever. Feel free to give me some ideas on fun things to do that are free. We have played all the games that we have or so I think. Sorry, this is the sick person in me who almost just wants her kids to disappear for a few days so I can get better. I only have so much patience you know. Hats down to all stay at home moms who have to fill out the days with their little kids ALL THE TIME! Not that I don't wish I could be in the same boat most times. :)
Well, that's it for now. More later. I am too lazy and sick to post pictures so I have to postpone for another time.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I love sci fi shows. Recently Shane and I finished the Battlestar galactica series and I loved it. It was addicting, I couldn't wait to watch all the seasons and since we have Netflix we had them all pretty fast. Well, for my birthday, actually the weekend before my birthday Shane took me and the kids to this new exhibit they had at the EMP (Experience Music Project right next to the Space Needle) They had all these life size models, Charlton Heston, Planet of the Apes stuff, ET, Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator, Dune, and other stuff. All pretty awesome. I know it's geeky but I love it nonetheless. 
More posts to come with pictures of our other celebrations for mommy and daughter's birthdays. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween 2010

This Halloween started out in the office. We like to dress up at work and this year we were Mr. Anderson's angels. Mr. Anderson (our principal)was Charlie and blurted things out from his office. I will post pictures as soon as I get it off the card from work.
Saturday night it was our church's Trunk or Treat. There were so many children there, it was super crazy but fun as well. I am so excited the kids' costumes turned out super cute and that we had enough time to actually finish sewing them. Thank you to my great mom who is a great seamstress who just made out the paterns and taught me how to sew better. We made the cape, apron, skirt, vest and Lavinia's hair and then Dacian's whole wolf suit. We ran out of time for my bonnet so we ended up putting a pillow case on my head. I look nothing like an old lady but you get the gist. Shane is missing an ax but otherwise I think he looked the part pretty well.

And here are my parents. Dad sewed his costume last year. I love it!
As soon as I put make up on his he said his nose was super itchy and so we have a nice smeared make up now. Oh well, he still looked pretty cute. 
Lavinia. Sweet. Super. Red. Riding. Hood.
Just a funny wolf really excited to catch and eat Little Red. 

How sweet is this wolf? He was playing the part so well into deceiving Little Red. 

And a silly wolf picture. He was super silly that day and I have lots of pictures with his funny faces but I will stick to this one. 
Here are our pumpkins at night. 
Later in the evening we went out to trick or treat of our neighbors. 
Aren't they so adorable? 

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