Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas! 2011

Before time goes away from me I wanted to wish all our friends and family a very, Merry Christmas.

We have done lots these last few weeks. Even though I try to keep things simple it's easier said than done. We have had relatives here since last Saturday, we have gone on a Twin Peaks tour and that was a lot of fun. Good food was eaten and the little cousins were so happy to be together.

Our family made cookies twice so far, made paper snowflakes, sang carols, Karaoke with extended family, watched Christmas movies, and just enjoyed each other, sipping cocoa next to our beautiful tree. This year we went and cut our own at a farm and I just loved it. I hope to do it again next year.

I managed to get all the presents, order and mail our Christmas cards, went to D's school and had a presentation on Romania (that was fun). It sure is nice to get a break from work. Days are flying by and I hope after Christmas we get to relax a little. I actually want to be lazy on New Year's unlike any other years. I am all for partying on that day but I just feel exhausted and I am totally fine watching TV that day. We'll see what happens though.

Well, pictures will be coming later on.

I do hope you are having a magical, Christ centered time with your families.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

St. Nick's

On December 6th St. Nick (Mos Nicolae) came by our house and brought the kids and us a few treats with the once much anticipated  bananas and oranges. When I was little oranges were a hot item and bananas even more so. I remember waiting in never ending lines for those things when I was about seven or so. Because we imported them we only got them around Christmas time. Not that waiting in line was a foreign concept at all. That's what we did for any type of food, from bread, milk, not to mention anorexic chicken and any kind of meat. That was back then though, much has thankfully changed.

Anyway, the kids had a blast in the morning. I decided that I am going to replace stockings at Christmas for St. Nicks. It's about the same thing and I have no mantle to hold my stockings. I just don't want to pay twice for things. Growing up we never had stockings so I guess if I start now my kids won't know the difference.

Here are a few blurry pictures. :)

My dad put his stick in his own shoes. Funny but he was most definitely not naughty. 

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