Saturday, August 29, 2009

Camping fun...

Just this past weekend we went camping near Leavenworth. We met with Scott, Candice and Lily (Shane's brother) and Adam and Fawn (sort of a brother as well) the next day. Scott and Adam couldn't come until later on Saturday and we decided to go after work on Friday to find a spot. We made great time and by 8:30pm we got to the campground where we wanted to be. Of course it was full. We went to so many campgrounds that night and they were all FULL. I got so frustrated seeing this word. Seriously God's nature is so big, surely there was a spot there for us. Anyway, after many frustrating tries we went away from this cute, quaint and beautiful Bavarian town and found a spot close to 10pm. As soon as the tent was up the first semi goes by and of course the road is near our tent. As we go to pay I see a big sign saying "NO CAMPFIRES". In the morning we awoke to the pleasant smell of an outhouse. Also near our tent. We make a delicious breakfast with a newly bought camping stove. (Shane woke up early and went it to town to buy something we could cook all this food that we had brought.) We had eggs and bacon. The problem... Lots and LOTS of wasps. They were swarming all over us. It was a miracle we didn't get stung. We eventually got in the car to finish our breakfast. Shane has a phobia of these creatures and I think he was dying inside. After we ate we went to a Walmart nearby to find wasp repellent and on the way there we stopped by a nearby lake and went swimming. I was determined to have fun. Dacian had a lot of fun, he had his cars all over the place. Lavinia mostly ate dirt. I was seriously tired of camping by now. But we had family come and meet us. We were happy they got another spot away from the outhouse and the road and thought the next morning we would eat there and there would be no wasps. Wrong. Oh, and the repellent thingy we bought was the only place the wasps didn't go near. It was the WORST campground spot ever. Don't go to Swauk Campground. Ever.
The next day went a lot smoother. Scott and Candice were so nice to make breakfast for all of us and we survived the bees once again. We quickly left this terrible place and went to Leavenworth. We love this place. Finally the trip was worth it again. We go there often and I never get tired of it. I forgot to take pictures of the place but I have pictures from a different time we went. Sadly we didn't get a photo with all of us either. Anyway, it was great to spend time with family again and even though the spot was the worst the company was the best. Thanks guys for coming.

Can you see all that dirt on her mouth? I should've brought the playpen but the car was already too full.

Mini golfing

Here is Dacian. He got a hole in one in the middle of the course. We were dumbfounded. We didn't even help him at all. It was one of those trick places where if the ball goes in this short cut route it can go right in the hole. Well, he made it. And so did Shane and I. I would've gone the "safe" route had I not seen Dacian do this and I am sure it wouldn't have been a whole in one. LOL!
We went mini golfing not long ago with a good friend of ours Taylor. He is actually a really good golfer but mini golfing is quiet different and we were all pretty much the same when it came to this game. Dacian had a lot of fun and I really want to go again. When the weather is good this activity is the best.
That is Taylor. Too bad we didn't ask someone to take a pic of all of us.

9 months

I keep forgetting to blog about this. I got this yummy coconut cake and quickly and unprofessionally decorated it. We do this every month. For some reason this month we let Lavinia eat some cake.

I must say she loved it.

And so did her brother. He has been the happiest with this tradition I must say.

And here she is standing up all by her self. I wonder when she'll walk. Dacian beat her by a month so far.

Lovely letters on the wall

My friend Holly is the best decorator and creative woman that I know. She made Dacian's letter name and sweetheart that she is made Lavinia's now. When I was in California hanging out with her she found time to make these beautiful letters. She carefully selected the paper and the letters. She got the blocks cut, painted them, attached the paper, etc. I am so pleased with the result and I have finally put them up on the wall. Thank you so much Holly. I love your gift for Lavinia. You are the best!
This is how her room looks. Lavinia loves it and since my family moved out of our place we made their bedroom hers. I painted the walls, two light pink, two light yellow to match her bedding. I still want to decorate the walls but I haven't had time or money for that. Hopefully I find time before I want to change the nursery to a toddler room.

Happy L in her bed.

Daddy in action. Thanks so much dad.
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