Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kids say the funniest things

I kept debating whethere or not to post about this. I think it's too funny not to so here I go.
One day on TV there was a cartoon that showed a skeleton (I'm sure something to do with Halloween). Dacian asked me what that was.
I said: " A skelleton. It's made of bones. We all have bones in our bodies. Look: your knees, ankles, those are bones." I showed him that we have bones all throughout our bodies. He seemed surprised of this new finind but proceeded to go play with his toys.
The next day, just out of the blue after he went potty he comes to me patties off and says looking down at IT:
"Does my pipi have a bone in it?"
I just about died laughing. He was so cute, his little face with pure curiosity and wonderment. This was no joke to him. He must've been impressed by the concept of bones and the kid needed to know. He also of course didn't understand why I was laughing. I love this age. It 's fun to see what and how they process things.
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