Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First time in preschool

My sweet little boy, Dacian started preschool this week. What an exciting time for him this has been. He waited for a long time to start preschool, probably thinking I am lying to him because he kept asking everyday if this was going to be the day. I had to say not today, soon... next week, in just a few days, etc. I can only imagine how hard it would be to not be able to understand what it means, "a week, etc" and just have to wait and wonder if today was gonna be the day.
Monday he finally had his dream come true. He is such a social little boy and loves to make friends and play with toys and learn. The preschool I put him in is a program hosted at a highschool right close to our house and seniors get to participate and interact and supervise the kids. They are doing this as part of a class and after they finish being with the kids (supervised by a teacher) they go to class and discuss everything they are learning about the behavior of kids. I think it's probably child pshychology. They are there for only two and a half hours and only three days a week. The price is super cheap and they said their main goal is to get them ready for kindergarten, they will learn the basics, abc's, numbers, but also will practice their manners, listening skills and sharing. I am excited he will be around kids more. Being with my parents is great but he is mostly around them and that's that. Of course they go to parks all the time but it's just not the same. And Lavinia is still too little to be his play buddy.
Anyway, we had to drop him off right at the curb where a highschool kid comes and picks them up. They even take them out of the carseat for you and buckle them back in when you pick them up.
He didn't even look back or said good bye to me. I, like any other mom sending their first kid away from home for the first time, was pretty emotional. I mean, this felt like IT. Time flies and he will soon start kindergarten and so on and soon I will have big kids. I sure am not ready for that. I just love litte ones with all the challenges that brings, tantrums and all I adore their innocence and their cuteness. I fear for the day when that will be gone. I am pretty sure I am done having kids so I am clinging to my kids, I am drinking them all up. I try to enjoy and play with them and make sure I am memorizing their cuteness. I did notice that memorizing their every stage isn't going so well so I decided to be better and record more of their day to day life.
Anyway, I am ramling now but oh well, it's 11 at night and I can't sleep. It's nice to have a moment to myself once in a while even if that means being so tired tomorrow at work.
And now here are a few cute pictures.
Look how much bigger Dacian is. He sure love that little sister. She is a total midget, she weighs only 15 lbs at 10 months.

Bye mom and dad, preschool here I come.

On they way to preschool.

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