Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today was a great day!

I am in a good mood. I am not even tired though I feel like I should be. I was up late making Shane a yummy breakfast casserole for Father's day. I baked it in the morning but it was ready at 12 last night. The recipe suggested being in the fridge all night.
I woke up first around 8:30m. Can I hear a Halleluia for sleeping in? I put the food in the oven and had everything ready by the time Shane and the kids came down. I was proud of myself for my timing. It was a fun morning. I had time to wrap his little gift even. Time to prep the Primary lesson for today. I was overwhelmed as I usually am when there is too much on the agenda but I kept my cool and did it all.

After church I quickly threw everything in the oven or on the stove and my parents came by so we could celebrate the dads, Shane and my dad, two boys I LOVE with all my heart. I made a yummy Caprese salad, little yellow potatoes and baked chicken plus a few appetizers and mom brought a homemade Tiramisu cake. So good!

Oh and how could I forget? Shane's gift was for me to clean the house without him helping. Ha! I didn't totally reach my goal and only cleaned the living room but that included carpet cleaning. So yesterday until about 10pm I was cleaning carpets. I had taken a long nap so that's why the delay. I will keep on cleaning until the whole house gets done. I am ready to de junk in a major way this summer. I don't even care to do a garage sale or sell anything. This is the reason why we still have the stuff I was going to get rid of last summer. It's best to just go to DI and donate. I already went once but I have long way to go. I thought I could do it sooner but it turns out cleaning a big mess takes more than just a day. So I am taking a deep breath and will have to schedule a room a day, a project a day come summer. I sure hope we'll be home more this summer unlike last.

The kids have school one more week and I have to work for two more and then 7 weeks off. Yahoo!
I have big plans of doing work around here, lots of reading, going to the lake, going out on hikes, camping, setting the kids on a chore system and less computer and electronics time for all of us.

I really am praying I will do what I plan as I tend to come up with excuses or everything all of a sudden doesn't happen as I imagine it. I am planning to cook more, plan our meals ( I am not a planner and this will be a challenge) and get the kids to help around the house more. Dacian is a pretty good helper. Lavinia not so much. She always starts crying when I say it's cleanup time. She says she hates it. A girl who takes after her mom sadly. She does like to cook and always helps me out in the kitchen. I will try to encourage that and give her the opportunity to help me there if that's what comes easier for her.

I am hoping that with donating some toys and putting some in time out she won't get so overwhelmed and it will be easy to clean.

I still want to update the blog with my 10 K run/walk from Vancouver, BC but that will have to wait for now. I remember that as soon as I get off for summer the posts start to happen more often, I am rested and relaxed and happy, I see the sun more and life is peachy.

June is a hard month at work with all the end of the year stuff I have to do but the end is in sight. I've been coming home super stressed and feeling like I hadn't taken a breath the whole day.

My exercising took a back seat due to my foot injury. Not working out hard it became easier to concentrate on eating healthier, less carbs, less calories. But with the June stress I haven't been as consistent about it. I beat myself up but not too harshly. I am trying and that's good for now.

I wonder if my feeling of contentment today is because of how much I accomplished with how little energy I had. Now my kids are watching "Cars". It's been a while since we've seen that show. The DVD player wasn't working and Shane just fixed it today. I missed the running that happens around our table right at the beginning of the race. I was curious if Dacian would do it again. I saw him watch the cars get ready to race. He put a stick down as his start line and he darted along with Lavinia as soon as the cars took off. I want to remember this.  He's becoming such a big boy. I blame school for that one. :) I joined in the race and chased them so much. Now the house is quiet and I also enjoy that. The end of the show slows down and so do they.

Wow, this post is becoming too long. Like I said you will see more of me around here soon.

Hope you all had a nice father's day. We had  great one.
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