Saturday, June 8, 2013

The little things that make life great

I find tremendous happiness in the moments, the little things daily.

Right now I am sitting here on the couch browsing through this cooking blog of this gal, with a belly full of amazingness my husband and I made. Full belly, happy family. New potatoes - roasted, grilled asparagus, grilled chicken. Yum! As a side note, I really doubt our kids have a clue how good they have it with such yummy meals and for the most part home made and healthy. Hahaha. Not bragging or anything.

It's a wonderful, sunny and a little breezy today. It's Saturday and that helps too. :)

As I'm sitting here Lavinia is singing to her "My little pony" show she watches. It's what prompted me to write a little. It's so cute to hear her sweet voice. She's been sick and her liveliness gone but thankfully she seems on the mend now, hence the singing. She's dressed in her bathing suit and is wearing ballet shoes and has some clip on hoop earrings and her face is so dirty. It's quite the funny sight. She's got these long, skinny, beautiful little legs that do look like ballerina legs. She badly wants to go to dance or ballet class.

Earlier while Shane was grilling the kids set up camp outside and played so nicely together. I love seeing and listening in to their conversations. It reminds me of my play dates with my own brother. Oh, what fun we've always had as kids. I brought some balloons from work that they had for an event and no one still wanted. They brought all the play food, plates, blanket and had a 'birthday party' outside. I can be happy and so can they even without some big yard. It's always amazing to me how my kids seem happy no matter what they have. I guess it's all part of their sweet innocent age. I'm gonna soak it up while I can...

In the morning the kids let us sleep in. We heard their little chirping on the hallway by our bedroom. The hallway was lined with cute lego people. The light up there is beautiful., our only northern window besides some smaller ones that line our stairs going downstairs.

Today I was looking through pictures that I had taken a while back and some from yesterday, a picnic recently. Life is going fast but it's good. I am not good about updating this blog but I am kind with myself and don't put any kind of unrealistic expectations on myself. I'd rather enjoy the moments than even write them to remember them. Except for right now. Ha! It hit me that my life is oh so sweet and that the little sweet moments are what it's all about. There are plenty of bad moments too but I will focus on the good ones or at least try to see the good in each kid, in my husband, in people in general, in every day.

Dacian is finishing up first grade. His teacher loves him and said the nicest things about him. I might have to put that here some day. We love her right back. Truly she's a special person and I'm so sad Dacian only had one year with her.

He's a very creative child. It's so interesting the way he thinks and the things he says. He's smart but also a very kind kid. I just love my big boy now. He's also very sensitive kid.

Lavinia is very sporty, she is super strong, and has recently mastered riding her bike. She's a little daredevil who scares the heck out of me. She rides way too fast. She does the monkey bars like nobody's business. She's also a fast little runner and loves to dance and sing. She's hilarious most of the time and we get along better and better. There was a time when she drove me nuts with all the clothes changing she did and how stubborn she was about everything but that seems to have passed.

The two of them make a good pair and love each other so. I don't do many play dates because I work and I think out of necessity they found each other to be good playmates.

Right now I'm don't want to remember the bickering, the sick, the little annoying things that of course do happen. Life is hard, good, bad, full of unexpected things but I learned that gratitude is where it's all at.

 Gratitude towards my good husband, all his efforts to become a better person and spouse, my kids, my good parents, my friends, work buddies that make me laugh every day sure make me realize how happy I am.

And just as I'm about to finish this post and to end with a little reality , Lavinia just went upstairs bawling. I wonder what's going on. To think that the good moments, are just that, moments. I'm so grateful for my life, for God and for the chance I get to experience it all.

Pictures in random order, found on the said card today.
Dacian at his first choir performance. He's not my musical kid but they have a reeealy good teacher and he learned all the songs so well. It was so fun!

He even had a part by himself saying a little joke. He cracked himself up and the audience alike. 

Playdate with cousins, L and Z, making an angry bird pizza. Yummy! It was so fun and now they moved so far away. We are already missing them. 

Biking kids

She learned so fast and couldn't wait to take those pesky training wheels off so she can be like her brother. 

Trying panning. Ugh, not so easy. 

Stuffed portobello mushrooms. They were divine, too bad I only made four. My kids scarfed them down. The roasted tomatoes with the warm goat cheese, yum. Thanks pintrest. 

Mother's Day. 

After church
Love this freckled face and his new teeth coming in. The old ones were grounded to pieces. 
I can't believe I actually could do this to her hair. It's usually so slippery. 

This is what Dacian made me instead of a card. I love it! He came up with this on his own. I thought for sure they did that at school. 
Eating watermelon at our picnic. First of the year. Cherries too. I love spring/summer.
Playing bocce ball with Kim and my parents. We had such a fun picnic just last Saturday.
I cannot believe there were kids swimming in the lake. My dad tried to catch fish but there were none in the lake this time. :)


 Going on a field trip just the other day. It was cute to see Mr. D so popular with so many little friends.
This little boy adores Dacian. They are in the same class but the boy is younger by half a year.
 I chaperoned these two. The little girl was adorable. She kind of looked like D, only a little taller. I caught them holding hands.

 So I forget what this is called but I guess that is 18 million eggs of some fish that lays them in this jelly mixed with sand so no one would eat it. So interesting.
Thank goodness for rubber boots. Sure wish I had some so I could explore more.
 Love their tye dye shirts.
Totally overexposed but kind of cool still.
 Our asparagus today. It was grilled to perfection.
 Pintrest potatoes. I love this recipe. It has ground mustard all over them before they bake.
Shane grilled the chicken with bacon. It was so good. 


Cristina Karekar said...

Loved your pictures and thoughts. Life is made up of small but oh so precious moments. Glad you captured them!! Love how big and beautiful/handsome the kids are getting!! Love you, my friend! xoxoxox

Ioana said...

Love this post!!! You're a wonderful mother and wife, and your family is so blessed to have you! Miss you! Pupici!

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