Monday, August 12, 2013

A cool and very worthwhile 5 minute video to share with you

I mentioned in one of my posts a while back about a wonderful book I was reading that truly changed my life for the better. Happiness is a serious problem by Dennis Prager.

Mr. Prager, on top of writing many other books is very involved in many other things. He's a very intelligent, interesting man. He's got a radio show where he mostly talks politics but also every week he's got an hour on the topic of men and women, an hour on happiness and an hour on ultimate issues (i.e. Does God exist, etc?) Relationship experts come on his show as well as a famous LA based psychiatrist. I can't tell you how valuable it all has become in my life. Shane downloads the shows for me and we listen either at home together or separately in our cars to work or together when we drive on vacation. My kids now like and sing the happiness song that comes on when the happiness hours starts. Prager sings along too and if you ever heard his deep voice... It's the best!

On top of his radio show I know he writes for some newspaper and has done TV and many other talks and appearances all over the world. I truly wish I had known about him earlier. He has thought things through very well and also explains them all and very clearly and also is very wise. We don't have the same religion, but so what? Anyone can take so much from him because some truths are just universal.

Anyway, the reason I am saying all this is because I just watched this video below today. I love it so much and want to share with you. We joined Prager University (a website where different people including Prager do short video segments on many different topics)  and have watched many other videos as well. Very well done, short and thought provoking. Let me know what you think.

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